Sunday, March 1, 2009

A taste of Hiking.

As Scott is closing in on finishing up on our Colorado adventures my mind wandered back to how we got the taste for hiking in first place. In the early years of our marriage we had a lake lot where we spent all of our off work time, camping and having fun with our boat, and friends.

Maybe Scott will do adventure on that some time since it took up a very large portion of our life and we have great memories from it. He also is the adventure writer in the family. Now to get to the part of the story I want to share. We spend most of our money and time on our lake lot. That did not leave much money or time left for any trips.

Scott's, mother and father have always had a motor home of some kind over they years, and we joined them once in a while for a few day on what ever camping trip they were taking. When they were getting ready for their retirement they had their hearts set on Arizona for the winter weather. They were going to become Snowbirds.

I am not sure if it was their first year or their second year out in Arizona they invited us out for a week or two. That was a big adventure for us as we had an inexpensive place to stay, and food. As well it was quality time with Scott's parents, not to mention getting out of Minnesota winters for a great break. All we had to come up with was the money for our plane fares.

At that time they stayed in a place  called Desert's Edge. It was a small camp ground where Scott's parents parked their motor home for Snowbirds. Just outside the gate of the campground was a small mountain. Even thought at the time it looked big to us we set out to challenge it.

We were hooked. The next day we asked Scott's mother to go with us again, and as you can see we celebrated with our wine.
From Desert Edge

While we were there they always took us on a trip someplace to see something new. We could not wait for they next year to come.

After a couple of years Scott's parents moved to a bigger and nicer Campground with lots of pools.
From  Sunflower Resort and Pool Arizona.

A few years after that they bought a park model and put on an Arizona room.
From  Sunflower Resort and Pool Arizona.

This was great for us because we then had our very own room at night to sleep in. I even had room to leave a few things there so I did not have to carry as much back next year. Which I caught a little hell for when Scott's mother found them.

Almost every year for the last ten year we have shared this time with Scott's family and always looked for bigger more interesting mountains to climb. This lead us into our many hikes in Europe and Colorado. You can read about them in "Our Adventures".

I know many children talk about, and thank their parents for putting them through college, but we could never have learned in any collage what we learned on those hikes. I hope we can enjoy many more years of hiking new place's, and time with them.

Thank You Enie and Neil you have "IT"

"Spend Your Life Wisely"

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