Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Great!! Stump Man

Before Scott and I bought Crow Wing 11 lake lot it was an overgrown woods. We are its first real people family, and that is very special to us. Along with the woods, came many years of dead trees, stacks of dead brush, and lots and lots of Poison Ivy. Scott can tell you some horrific stories about Poison Ivy. Making the land useful required a mission to take down all the dead trees, clean up, and burn all the dead brush. So Scott bought a chain saw and became a lumber jack.


I know this might sound like I’m bragging, OK I am bragging. You could not believe what he could do with that little saw. Scott must have removed 30 trees that were over 60 feet tall with a little chain saw and a rope.
Cutting up the downed trees

I took care of carrying all the brush to the fire and keeping the fire burning and safe. That was a job I loved!


We tried to get started early in spring before the leaves came on the trees because that made it easier to carry the brush.
Spring Tree Cutting
After the trees were down and all the the clean up was done. Scott would start removing the stumps. He used everything you could think of to get them out of the ground ropes, jacks, our jeep, shovels, boards, axes or whatever worked. After a few foul words they always seemed to come out much easier.

This stump was a big victory. It took many foul word’s to get it out. Often after a difficult stump, a victory dance was performed on the defeated stump carcass.

Weekend after weekend, me and  My Great!! Stump Man went up to our lake lot and spent most of our time taking down dead trees.

On the particularly difficult trees like this one where there is a danger of the tree falling on a house or other important things the stump dance is always preformed. I was lucky to catch this primitive ritual on film!

With all that dry dead wood it was easy to have great bonfires. I took so much pride! in them.

Morning Coffee By the bonfire
Happy Hours by the bonfire
After many summer of tree cutting, brush burning, stump pulling, and grass planting and a few foul words.We have a beautiful front, side, and back yard.
I would like to give this story and all its great!! memories to “My Great!! Stump Man”


We have more dead trees every year to cut down, and we plan many more summers at the lake with many more bonfires to enjoy.
“Live your Best Life”

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