Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring In Minnesota

With spring in the air and the long dark nights and cold days as a Minnesotan are almost over my thoughts turn to the lake. For the last 30 something years spring means.going to  “The Lake”  to Scott and I.
Lake Jefferson
Crow wing 11
In the very early years of our marriage while we lived in the land of 10,000 lakes, our dream was to own a lake place.  We had a great passion and love for the outdoors, we had an old boat and loved to play on the water, but hauling the boat somewhere every weekend tuned into too much work, it seemed like it was time to look for a place on the lake to go to every weekend. 
After spending many weekend searching for one close to home that we could afford, we found a lake lot. Our big dream was coming true. Even thought it was very small, and very close to all of our neighbors,
It  was the the beginning of many year of weekends of fun with Family and friends at the lake
But finding it was only the beginning. Then there was all of the work of clearing and cleaning it and making a sandy beach to have those happy hours and lake adventures on.
Since Scott already was a great water skier I knew I had to learn the sport. Weekend after weekend, Scott dragged me around the lake until that exciting day that I finally got out of the water on my skies.  Now I was a water skier. I could now play out there with the big guys, well not quite, but I made it look good anyway.
We started out with a tent and not to long after that there was the camper dream.  Over time we had a lake lot, an old boat, and our very own camper.
But dreams don’t stop,  one day we saw this beautiful shiny red boat we just had to have. 

The first day we got the new boat I drove it and as it skipped across the lake I thought Whoa!  What a girl I was turning into.
Then one day we got a call that the shed we stored the shiny new boat in over the winter burned down along with our boat.  Off we go in search of another dream boat. This time the boat was the dream boat of all skiers  a “Master Craft”  barefoot ski boat.  

It was not as eye catching as our shiny red boat, but it was a “quality plus” boat with much more power and speed.  All of our skier friends loved it.

With a new boat again it was back to updating our camper. We got a bigger brand new camper.

Then we got a well and septic in and had running water in our camper.
By then we had add a lot more water sports toys, windsurfing boards, tubing, and of course we still dreamed.

In One one of those dreams we thought it would be exciting and challenging to build a small cabin. We set out on our final dream for our lake lot to build a house. With Scott being the guy to plan and build it all, and me as his helper we accomplished this difficult task and ended up with a beautiful little lake house.
A couple of year after this we got offered an a assignment to work in Europe. With this 20 year lake dream coming to a close we found another lake lot in northern Minnesota “just in case we had more dreams”.  We sold our little lake lot and all of her stuff.
"But not her memories or her dreams"  
Spend your life wisely!          
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