Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Thank you America, for the freedom to vote for the person of my choice without being stoned to death.
Scott and I walked hand in hand to the little church on the corner of our street in Edina, Minnesota and voted. We walked home again feeling good about our freedom and for the first time in my life I watched minute by minute the returns coming in. It was not about who I voted for or my beliefs, it was about this great country that adopted me making history. I also found a great inner strength that I could do anything I wanted to do if I was willing to work hard for it. If I was only a little younger this would be my time. Young people of America go out there and be what you want to be. Since I have already worked 40 year of my life my dream is seeing this great country and giving back to her for the freedom she has given me. "Where is my Motor coach"

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