Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Senior Moment

Sunday was cold and wintery in Minnesota. Scott and I decided to go to the Science Museum and take in a movie at the Omnitheater. While there we also thought we would try and buy a lifetime pass to our National Parks since we plan to live in our motor home and visit as many National and State Parks as we can.
I have reached that age where I could buy one for ten dollars. While the person was taking the information to set up my card I got that felling of excitement that I had reach another millstone in life where I was old enough for something.
My mind wandered back in time to the first time that happened. I had just turned sixteen I was getting off the bus from my cleaning job and the neighbor boy was there to meet me. He walked me up the long dark lane to the old straw roofed house where I lived with my family. Before I went through the gate to our front door he kissed me and said "you are my dearest". That was the last time I saw or heard for him in those days.We all left home young to find work so that was the end of sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

Next time came to mind was twenty one. I was of legal age to go to the bar and have a drink and a cigarette with my friends. Since I was of age during the"Wood Stock" days I could have also gone to the country roads and maybe found a joint. It was not about the bar, the drink, the cigarette, or the joint, it just was cool to be old enough to do it.
Just as I was enjoying memories of the past the person getting my card ready said sign your card. He brought me back to the moment of being a senior. I do not have any trouble finding a joint now, arthritis finds them for me.

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