Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pictures of Life

Picture where did they all come from year after year, camera after camera, moments that we cannot part with.

I tried lately in my downsizing adventure to give some cute little albums full of pictures, to family and friends of moments we shared together only to get them back at the next get together saying thank you I just have no place to store them.

Now my first thought was: I am going to through them out but, as I got closer to the recycling bin my heart said no these are part of a life. It sorta felt like murder. Well at least to me.

My next thought was: I will go through them and get rid of they ones that had very little meaning but every time I tried to recycle one a memories came back. I give up!

Scott has just bought us a new wireless printer/scanner and I will have to take on the job of scanning all those baby picture of him his mother gave me.
I got to admit he was a cute baby."What happened to you Scott!" Just kidding.

Then there was all those Granny and Grandpa pictures, aunts, and uncle and even all their dogs, cats, all those boyfriend I had, well they were all a part of who we are in life. From one picture to another they will have to be scanned in all 15 albums.

Now that the job is done many weekend later, I've got a special joy out of renewing the memories. I just did not spend enough time enjoying them then I was doing them. "Enjoy the Moments". Going forward I wish for a lot more pictures of special memories. Since we plan to live and travel in our motor coach we should have lots of them. Its nice to know we will not have to scan them as the only cameras we have are digital now.

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